Sims Limo Service - Beware of Sim's Limo Service in Los Angeles!

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Do not hire these people!!  Horrible experience!!

We had my daughter's wedding this past Saturday.

The limo they sent us was a piece of *** and it ended up overheating on the freeway. The driver had the heater on full blast and was driving no faster than 45mph on the freeway as people were passing us and flipping us off since he was driving so slow. He never said a word to us about the problem he was having with the car. The car finally overheated and started shaking and finally died.Barely rolling to the edge of an off ramp where my daughter (the bride), her friends, my wife and myself had to walk down the off ramp while other cars sped by still honking.

We could have been hit and injured or killed!! Reckless Endangerment!!

We finally made our way off the freeway where thankfully we found a good samaritan that offered to drive us the rest of the way. God bless him!!! Otherwise my daughter would have never made it to her own wedding!!!

When I called the office and spoke to Melvin he was very rude and argumentative tying to justify himself and his driver...he practically was asking me to file it under the "*** Happens" category...he has horrific customer service skills if any at all....making comments like " you don't know who you are talking to"....Wtf?!?!

Never did he try to place us in a different limo....According to him he had no other limo for us....Instead he expected us to wait for the limo to get fixed and then get back in it like nothing happened.....REALLY????

The only resolve he finally offered  was to mail me a refund this week and regular mail only...God forbid he spend an extra 3 dollars in postage to make sure I get it....

Hope I don't have to involve my atty.....

All Beware!!

Doing bussiness with this piece of crp company ever again??  NOT!!!

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